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Commercial Locksmith Service in Tennessee

We provide highest standard of commercial security services to our valued neighbors in Tennessee.

Professional Commercial Locksmith Service

LYB Locksmith Tennessee offers reliable commercial locksmith services, covering security installations and regular maintenance essential for any type of business or public property.

Our expertise enables us to provide expert guidance and top notch locksmith solutions to all commercial property owners in Tennessee, with a deep understanding of industry standard security practices.

Our Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Unlock Service

Having trouble accessing your office? Our team of experienced commercial locksmiths is here to provide you with excellent unlock services for your business doors.
We use high quality tools and our expertise to ensure seamless access.
Even if you've lost your key, rest assured, we'll happily unlock the door for you.

High-Security Locks

Security holds paramount significance for any business and elevating the safety measures within your office is a crucial endeavor.
We specialize in installing high security locks tailored for commercial spaces, reinforcing the protective layers essential for your business's welfare.
Our commitment lies in delivering effective solutions that cater to your specific security requirements.

Maintenance & Service Contracts

We're here to support you in maintaining the locksmith services we've delivered.
If you encounter any issues, even after our initial work is complete, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're more than happy to provide the assistance you need.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are more crucial for your office than for your home, especially when you need access to various areas.
We specialize in installing highly effective master key systems for commercial properties, ensuring seamless access throughout your workspace.

Panic Bar Replacement

Panic bars, also known as push bars, are crucial for ensuring effective and secure panic exit systems in commercial and public buildings. They enable swift and safe exits during emergencies.
When replacement becomes necessary, we evaluate the panic bars condition and install new ones, all while adhering to local building codes. This service is vital for upholding a dependable and secure emergency exit system within buildings.

Install Keypad Lock

A keypad lock is a modern security solution that allows access to a door by entering a predetermined numeric code on the keypad. Keypad locks can be used in various settings, including homes, offices, and commercial buildings, offering flexibility and control over access.
They are especially beneficial for shared spaces, as the access code can be easily changed, reducing the need for physical key distribution and rekeying. Additionally, many keypad locks come with features like temporary access codes for guests and audit trails that track when the lock was accessed.

Do Not Duplicate Keys

"Do Not Duplicate" keys are specially designed keys with features that make them hard to copy without permission. They're used to enhance security by deterring unauthorized key copying.
While not foolproof, they add an extra layer of protection and are often used alongside high security locks.

Install Grade 1 Deadbolts

When it comes to commercial spaces, Grade 1 Deadbolts are the top choice for strong security.
Our skilled locksmiths can install Grade 1 Deadbolts with expertise, providing enhanced protection for your property.

Rekey Locks

Rekeying locks involves changing a lock's internal setup to work with a new key while making old keys unusable.
This boosts security without replacing the entire lock, useful for lost keys or new occupants. It's a cost-effective and efficient way to enhance protection.

Commercial Security Locks for better Business Protection

Our skilled commercial locksmiths are here to safeguard your business. We'll help you choose the best lock system for your facility, considering various styles and options, each with its pros and cons.

Based on recommendations from our expert commercial locksmiths, one or more of these options will effectively protect your property. We can even help you upgrade your current lock system if needed. With a range of choices available, you can ensure your commercial property's security against intruders or unauthorized access.

Why Choose LYB Locksmith Tennessee?

Consider LYB Locksmith Tennessee for your locksmith needs because we are family owned, with a veteran owner, ensuring a community oriented and disciplined approach to security.

Our comprehensive solutions cater to your specific security requirements, and our experienced locksmiths offer great knowledge in installations, repairs, and replacements. With a customer centric focus and dedication to enhancing business security, we are your reliable partner in safeguarding what matters to you.

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